Magento Hosting: Managed or Unmanaged Server

Do you run big e-commerce or a small-scale online shopping portal? While designing the website for your e-commerce business, most business experts recommend utilizing Magento due to its wide range of exclusive features and add-ons. In the recent times, Magento has gained immense popularity by serving as a great platform for businesses out there which aim at satisfying the specific e-commerce needs. As most e-commerce websites tend to have huge traffic inflow, dedicated server low cost reseller hosting is considered an ideal option for those businesses which are not yet willing to purchase server hardware on their own.

If you are going for selecting the Magento hosting solution, the question remains that whether you should go for managed or unmanaged hosting server. Most of the e-commerce businesses commence the business idea with the help of shared servers. This is due to the fact that small-scale businesses out there might be budget-restricted and shared hosting servers offer highly cost-effective solutions. When it comes to Magento Hosting, it is important to understand the difference between managed & unmanaged hosting servers.

What Should You Choose: Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Servers?

Managed Dedicated Servers

Managed hosting servers are meant for those e-commerce business owners who are unable to handle the daily management activities of the respective in-house servers. With the help of the managed dedicated hosting servers for the Magento e-commerce websites, the high-end system administrators are able to manage the overall working & operations of the servers. This helps the clients in focusing more on different aspects of the e-commerce business along with growing the business and achieving the core objectives of the business.

As far as managed dedicated hosting servers are concerned, here are some of the top benefits that the hosting service provider might provide to your business:

  • Managing hardware-related problems
  • Monitoring the overall load
  • Ensuring the overall performance of the website
  • Scanning & removal of Malware
  • Firewalls & security management
  • Replacement of the parts that fail to operate
  • Application & service configuration
  • Backup of the site regularly
  • Implementing preventive measures to ensure the smooth running of the site

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

The unmanaged dedicated servers are meant for those businesses that are capable of handling the respective day-to-day management of the in-house operations & services. The overall server management tends to be complex and can be highly time-consuming at times. There are several aspects of server management that might go wrong if you are not aware of handling them efficiently. As such, the dedicated servers are aimed at ensuring top-notch security, optimal performance, and availability to the websites. At the same time, this is assured by the presence of a team of qualified technicians delivering professional hosting services.

In case of unmanaged dedicated hosting servers, the business owners are given the freedom to install & manage any software solution as per the specific requirement. With professional help, the e-commerce business owners can be assured that there is no fault or error in the system.

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